Protect your fleet

Our smart vehicle technology enables vehicle tracking, route tracking, theft & accident protection and much more. So you always keep full control over your vehicles - whether private or business. 

For Private Vehicles

SmartLoop offers you outstanding security technology for your private vehicle! Our motto: Easy use for owners, tough game for thieves! From GPS tracking to signal blocker detection and alerting relatives in case of an accident via SMS - SmartLoop complements your car in the places where security is required!

For Company Vehicles

 Do you need to be able to keep an eye on your fleet at all times? Are you tired of old-fashioned logbooks and paper chaos? Are you looking for a complete solution when it comes to safety, control and security around your company fleet? We would be happy to show you how SmartLoop can enrich your everyday business life and, above all, make it easier! Contact us today!


Driver authentication via Bluetooth

The system identifies the driver using a mobile device or token.
Dies ermöglicht dem Firmeninhaber das Fahrzeug einem bestimmten Mitarbeiter zu zuordnen, und entsprechende Unterlagen und die Streckenaufzeichnungen aufzubereiten. Das System ist sogar in der Lage, unbekannte Geräte zu blockieren und somit das Starten des Fahrzeugs durch Unbekannte zu verhindern.

App / Web interface

With the iOS or Android app, you can enable or disable security features and other related parameters - you're in full control!

You will find an extended version of the functions and parameters in your web account, where you can also customize the system.

GSM blocker detection

One of the essential functions offered by our system is the monitoring of active GSM blockers. Smart Loop detects GSM blocking systems and alerts when detected. This feature provides you with advanced theft protection.

Car-accident detection

The system acts as a kind of "black box", as known from airplanes or trucks. If necessary, these can be evaluated for accident analysis.
Furthermore, an accident notification will be sent to your contacts connected to the system automatically.


Years of development. Precise, professional, hardware and

software sensors that protect every sensitive point of your vehicle.

Fuctions at a glance

Digital logbook


Your advantages at a glance

Paperless, environmentally friendly recording

Driver identification

Automatic recording

Recording based on GPS-data

Works flawlessly on smartphones (Smartloop-Apps)

Fuel savings possible

Connection to a management system possible

Precise statistics


Cost optimizations possible


POI (Point of interest) management


ERP system connection

SmartLoop offers seamless connection to an ERP system - So you can always keep track of all common & important data and connect it to the ERP system.

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Download now!

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

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Doors, luggage compartment, engine compartment sensor

Keyless Go protection


Bluetooth driver identification

Identification monitoring

Mobile notification of an alarm event

GPS visibility, positioning

Remote shutdown

Service mode

Mobile application(s) for Android & iOS

Adjustable settings

Language selection 

Operating status feedback

Battery test

Overvoltage protection



Switching on and off from your own or a separate remote control

Sound and light signal in case of alarm

Position monitoring

Additional battery + tamper protection

Automatic activation and deactivation + lock monitoring

Position monitoring in service mode

Glass breakage detection (burglary protection)

Deactivate OBD

GSM blocker detection + GPS visibility monitoring


Online user account

NEW!! Accident detection + lift sensor

NEW!! Border Tracking + Query Control


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